Steve Sooter Woodworking
 The purpose of this site is to show
you pictures of the many
woodworking projects I have
completed during the past 30 years,
as well as to show
pictures and reveal
other things about me,
my kids,  and
my life activities.  Even though
I am an
attorney now, my real love is
woodworking.  Recently I set up a
really neat shop in the huge 3-car
garage of
my home in Newcastle,
Washington.  I am truly having a
I started out doing woodworking in
my Dad's garage as a kid.  For fun, I
made a guitar when I was 14.  (
actually, because it has 3 strings.  See
its picture.) I also made a pirate's
chest during this period.  After
attending Seattle Pacific College,
where I ran
track and cross-country, I
taught woodshop at
Christian School.  I soon became so
busy making things for people that I
hired two of my best students and
began a woodworking business.  
remodeled over 100 kitchens, and
made many furniture pieces during the
next 8 years, including rolltop desks,
dining sets, bedroom sets, and just
about anything you can imagine. I
owned and operated my own retail
store in Fremont, called
Oak Shop
.  I sold that business in
1984, and went to law school (at
University of Puget Sound). As a
poor, starving law student, I soon
learned that I could make my best
money on weekends doing
woodworking.  I remodeled several
kitchens during law school, as well as
redoing the
President's Office and
doing many projects for the law
school library.  In fact, I sold more
stuff to the law school during the last
year there than my tuition cost!  After
graduation, my brother & I started a
legal software company, and I put
down my tools for several years.
(Click here to read a Law Article I
recently wrote) But, during the past
few years I have again taken up the
activity strictly as an avocation, and
put together my best shop ever.  I am
in the business of
making things again,
but only projects I enjoy, and working
for people I enjoy!!

Articles I Have Written
Fugured Bubinga Desk, featuring curved
drawers, bookmatched top and panels.
(Click to see other recent projects.)
Contact Info:
Name:  Stephen L. Sooter
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